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nome progetto_A_Moore
architetto_Elisa Bernardi   con_Arch. Luca Poncellini

New life for old guys

Serious environmental concerns on the global scale nowadays are connected with the over-ageing of commercial and military naval fleets. In the next coming future, an increasing number of ships and vessels will reach operational obsolescence, no longer fulfilling the minimal standards of security for cruising and freight transportation. After going out of service – when not doomed to be abandoned along the piers of abandoned harbours – naval fleets should undergo very long and extremely expensive processes of dismantling.

A_MOORE is a project about...

… growth :

the floating settlement would give new meaning to the waterfront area of the city of Tallinn and would provide the possibility of unlimited extension without further use of land. No footprints on the ground.

… flexibility:

the floating city mat be physically rearranged by changing the location of the different units according to new needs, or new requirements, or new urban urgencies that may occur in the future. An adaptable layout.

… opportunity :

its geographical location, the city of Tallinn could find resources for this project within the great number of aged and disused vessels which belonged to former Soviet Navy. New life for old guys.

… sustainability:

the recover and reconversion for urban purposes of vessels of all kinds (ferries, freightships, battleships, etc.) is a positive strategy from the environmental point of view, as it is based on the recycling of exhausted manufacts for a new set of functionalities. A new kind of ecology.

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